12th Urban Environment Symposium

The Urban Environment Symposium is a forum for recent research on all aspects of the urban environment. The symposium is organised by Chalmers University of Technology, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Statens Vegvesen) and the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA).

Sted: Oslo, Norway
Når: 01.06.2015 - 03.06.2015

The 12th Urban Environment Symposium (12UES) will be held on the 1-3 June 2015 in Oslo, Norway. 12UES is organized by Chalmers University of Technology, the Norwegian Public Roads Authority and the mNorwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA).

The symposium was initiated by Professor Ron Hamilton at Middlesex University in the early 1980s. The initial aim was to measure and assess challenges in highway pollution. These challenges included urban ,photochemical smog, with a strong emphasis on ozone formation and particle release. The first symposium has the title “Highway Pollution”.

After the first symposium, the emphasis on air pollution issues continued through to Munich in 1989 where diesel particulate issues and the relevance to health through measurements of PM10 emerged. The focus ,on air quality issues was also strengthened by the co-organization of the symposium with Professor Roy Harrison at the University of Birmingham from 1886 to 1998. In parallel, the symposium started to receive ,an increasing number of scientific contributions from the area of urban runoff, indeed to the extent that the title of the symposium was changed to “Highway and Urban Pollution”. At this time the importance of ,science in support of policy was emerging as a key aspect of the symposium.

Starting from the eighth symposium, now under the auspices of Chalmers University of Technology, it was decided to evolve the name to “Highway and Environment” to provide a positive view of our common future ,looking to a positive environment. The tenth symposium carried the present name “Urban Environment Symposium” to emphasize the emerging issues of urban metabolism and environmental issues associated m,with this. The aim of the symposium is now to provide a forum for recent research and development on aspects of the urban environment, with a very successful 11UES held with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in 2012.

The contributions that will be presented during 12UES and that are published in these proceedings are well poised to provide global examples of the science required to support pathways to a positive and sustainable future in the urban environment.

Many of these presentations are accompanied by full papers that will be published as a refereed book by Springer. 12UES features eenvironmental Pollution (air, soil, water and noise) and health, biodiversity and ecosystem services, climate change and adaptation, modelling of urban systems, urban management and future roads. The organizing and scientific committees of 12UES warmly welcome you to three days where you can present and discuss your research
with your peers.

Detailed information and full programme is available on the conference website.

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