En balsaflåte som forskningsplattform

NIVAs forskningssjef Cecilie Mauritzen kåserer om Kon-Tiki 2 ekspedisjonen - å seile til Påskeøya gjennom klimaendringer, søppelgyrer og El Niño.

Sted: CIENS Forum, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway
Når: 11.03.2016 ,14:30 - 15:30

Two balsa rafts left Lima, Peru, in November 2015 with the intension to sail to Easter Island and then back to South America. The primary objective was to prove that ancient communication in the southeast Pacific could be two ways. But a balsa expedition can be a powerful platform for environmental research, as Thor Heyerdahl showed with the original Kon Tiki Expedition in 1947. Cecilie Mauritzen was never in doubt about this potential when she had the opportunity to join the expedition as chief scientist. With very little money, but with help from great institutions like NTNU, Kongsberg, NASA, NOAA, Nortek, Sperre, NIVA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the two rafts were equipped to measure how changes in marine life relate to climate change and ocean pollution.


The expedition is presently on the return leg; it is estimated to reach Valparaiso by the end of March. Cecilie Mauritzen sailed the first leg, and in this presentation she will tell us about life onboard, about the scientific questions, and about how to use a balsa raft as a full-scale, modern research platform.


The lecture will be held in english. Welcome!

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