• Funded by: EU-H2020
  • Project Coordinator: GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany
  • NIVA Leader: Trine Dale

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The project: AtlantOS is a BG 8 (Developing in-situ Atlantic Ocean Observations for a better management and sustainable exploitation of the maritime resources) research and innovation project that proposes the integration of ocean observing activities across all disciplines for the Atlantic, considering European as well as non-European partners.

The vision of AtlantOS is to improve and innovate Atlantic observing by using the Framework of Ocean Observing to obtain an international, more sustainable, more efficient, more integrated, and fit-for-purpose system. Hence, the AtlantOS initiative will have a long-lasting and sustainable contribution to the societal, economic and scientific benefit arising from this integrated approach. This will be achieved by improving the value for money, extent, completeness, quality and ease of access to Atlantic Ocean data required by industries, product supplying agencies, scientist and citizens.

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Bulletins (in Norwegian):

>> Skadelig alge bulletin 7. juli

>> Skadelig alge bulletin 14. juli

>> Skadelig alge bulletin 21. juli

>> Skadelig alge bulletin 28. juli

>> Skadelig alge bulletin 4. august

>> Skadelig alge bulletin 11. august

>> Skadelig alge bulletin 18. august

>> Skadelig alge bulletin 25. august


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