NIVA officially approved by USCG as subcontracted testing facility for BWMS

18th of March 2015, U.S Coast Guard approved The Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA) to perform land-based and shipboard testing of Ballast Water Management Systems (BWMS) on behalf of DNV-GL.

NIVA is the third non-american facility that offers USCG testing services, and only the second in Europe.

- The addition of NIVA as a subcontracted testing facility accepted to perform testing in accordance with US Coast Guard (USCG) requirements on behalf of DNV GL is the product of great effort and determination from our Ballast Water group, says Stephanie Delacroix, project manager and researcher at NIVA.


This acceptance by US Coast Guard comes at the 10 years anniversary of the Test Facility at Solbergstrand. This facility was the first land-based testing facility in Norway - built in 2005 in cooperation with the Norwegian Research Council and DNV, and in accordance with the convention requirements on Ballast Water and Sediments Management adopted by IMO in 2004. Since 2005, NIVA has completed land-based testing of 12 different national and international BWMS. 

Only commercial ships equipped with a Type Approved Ballast Water Management System recognized by USCG are allowed to discharge their ballast water in American waters after treatment by the BWMS. Although temporary approval can be given in some cases, the American coastguard requires the suppliers of Ballast Water Management Systems to have their system tested by an independent laboratory for Type Approval. There are only two independent laboratories that are USCG-approved in the world: NSF in the United States and DNV-GL in Norway.  Both independent laboratories cooperate with different subcontractors for environmental testing and land-based/shipboard testing of the BWMS as required by USCG.

- The recent approval of NIVA to perform land-based and shipboard testing of Ballast Water Management Systems on DNV-GLs behalf adds to the formidable testing experiences gained since the start in 2005, and the great R&D effort of NIVA’s Test Facility for sampling, analysis methods and other required testing procedures, Delacroix says.

NIVA has already started official USCG testing of a BWMS developed by Optimarin in freshwater, brackishwater and seawater qualities for land-based and shipboard testing.


Last updated 17.09.2015