Research manager Catchment Processes

The section for Catchment Processes is engaged in environmental monitoring, experimental research and modelling related to current and emerging water issues. NIVA is now looking for a new research manager.

The section has 11 highly qualified international staff from 5 countries, a strong portfolio of national and EU projects with both fundamental and applied research and long-standing collaborations within Scandinavia, EU, UK, Canada, USA and China. Particularly strong expertise are in development and use of process-oriented modelling for effects of acid deposition, climate and land-use change in both catchment and lakes, and long term environmental monitoring, field sampling and field manipulations.

Statistical and process modeling is core to the section’s activity, and research on biogeochemical processes and cycles in the interface between land-freshwater-coast and under changing environmental conditions (climate change, land use change, transboundary pollution) is a central part of the section's activities. NIVA has a leading specialist knowledge of water and catchment processes and is now looking for a new research manager.

Main tasks

  • Secure, strengthen and develop NIVA’s position within the catchment-oriented water research
  • Ensure the development of scientific strategies and implementation of these
  • Secure, establish and maintain good acquisition processes
  • Responsibility for professional development and innovation in the section
  • Responsibility for acquisition, customer contact and profiling
  • Responsibility for the section's staff, HSE, project management, quality assurance and project economy
  • Have a leading role in research and project application processes
  • Contribute with own expertise in relevant projects

Qualifications and experience:

We are looking for a leader with a background in research in environmental issues and with expertise in biogeochemistry, water chemistry or adjacent fields and with a significant publication record. The successful candidate has experience with applied research and documented ability to obtain research funding. The candidate also has a strong research network, as well as thorough knowledge of environmental management, research funding and relevant industry. Excellent written and spoken English skills are expected and it is desirable with good written and oral presentation skills in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

Application deadline: October 1st 2017

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Last updated 22.08.2017