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Line Johanne Barkved
Position: Research Scientist
Tel.: 99609150
Section: Water and Society

Scientific articles and Bookchapters

  1. Klausen, Jan Erling; Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Barkved, Line Johanne; Holen, Silje Nygaard (2015) Hvordan er klimaendringer integrert i arbeidet med vannforvaltningsplaner i Norge? Kart og Plan ISSN 0047-3278. Vol 108 No 3 s 227 - 248
  2. Seifert-Dähnn, Isabel; Barkved, Line Johanne; Interwies, Eduard (2015) Implementation of the ecosystem service concept in water management - Challenges and ways forward Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology ISSN 2212-6120. Vol 5 s 3 - 8 doi: 10.1016/j.swaqe.2015.01.007
  3. Vercelli, Samuela; Battisti, Nadia; Dolcetti, Francesca; Ciesielska, Joanna; Barkved, Line Johanne; Panne, Gert-Jan van der; Engen, Sirin; Provoost, Melanie (2014) Dialogue and mutual learning towards a low carbon society – experiences from 10 countries across Europe Energy Procedia ISSN 1876-6102. Vol 58 s 30 - 35 doi: 10.1016/j.egypro.2014.10.405
  4. Stålnacke, Per; Gooch, Geoffrey; Nagothu, Sekhar; Nesheim, Ingrid; Barkved, Line Johanne; Grizzetti, Bruna; Deelstra, Johannes; Thaulow, Håkon; Berge, Dag (2011) Integrated Water Resources Management: STRIVER Efforts to Assess the Current Status and Future Possibilities in Four River Basins i EUROPEAN RESEARCH ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, VOL 1: TRANSFORMATIVE SCIENCE APPROACHES FOR SUSTAINABILITY, Jaeger, Carlo C.; Tàbara, J. David; Jaeger, Julia , Springer Science+Business Media B.V.. ISBN 978-3-642-19201-2. chapter. s 155 - 172
  5. Deelstra, Johannes; Eggestad, Hans; Iital, Arvo; Jansons, Viesturs; Barkved, Line Johanne (2010) Evaluation of hydrology in catchments in Norway, Latvia and Estonia Vann ISSN 0042-2592. Vol 45 No 2 s 321 - 332
  6. Deelstra, Johannes; Eggestad, Hans; Iital, Arvo; Jansons, Viesteurs; Barkved, Line Johanne (2010) Time resolution and hydrological characteristics in agricultural catchments i Status and Perspectives of Hydrology in Small Basins, Hermann, Andreas; Schumann, Sybille A.; Holko, Ladislav; Littlewood, Ian; Pfister, Laurent; Warmerdam, Piet; Schroder, Ulrich , IAHS Press. ISBN 978-1-907161-08-7. 1. s 138 - 143
  7. Nesheim, Ingrid; Stålnacke, Per; Nagothu, Udaya Sekhar; Skarbøvik, Eva; Barkved, Line Johanne; Thaulow, Håkon (2010) IWRM status in the Glomma river basin i Integrating Water Resources Management Interdisciplinary Methodologies and Strategies in Practice, Gooch, Geoffrey; Rieu-Clarke, Alistair; Stålnacke, Per , IWA Publishing. ISBN 9781843393252. Kap. 2. s 13 - 23
NIVA began to register scientific articles in CRIStin in 2010, reports from 2014.


  1. Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær; Barkved, Line Johanne; Görlitz, Stefan; Hisdal, Hege; Hofstad, Hege; Interwies, Eduard; Jagers, Sverker C; Junker, Eivind; Lundqvist, Lennart J; Seifert, Isabel; Seva, Mikael (2017) Governing risk society: Institutional conditions for local adaptive capacity to climate change in Norway, Sweden and Germany , By- og regionforskningsinstituttet NIBR, Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. ISBN 978-82-8309-199-1. Vol 2017 No 10 (101 sider)
  2. Throne-Holst, Harald; Vittersø, Gunnar; Barkved, Line Johanne; Dale, Trine; Brembu, Tore (2016) Etiske, lovmessige, samfunnsmessige og miljømessige aspekter ved bruk av mikroalger for CCS. , Forbruksforskningsinstituttet SIFO – Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus. No 3 (50 sider)
  3. Thaulow, Haakon; Nesheim, Ingrid; Barkved, Line (2016) Hydropower in Norway. An overview of key tools for planning, licensing, environmental impacts and mitigation measures , Norsk institutt for vannforskning. ISBN 978-82-577-6800-3. No 7065 (62 sider)
  4. Turtumøygard, Stein; Bechmann, Marianne; Barkved, Line Johanne; Seifert, Isabel (2016) Mal for enhetlig innhenting av data om tiltaksgjennomføring i vannregion Glomma , NIBIO. ISBN 978-82-17-01657-1. Vol 2 No 81/2016 (37 sider)
  5. Barkved, Line Johanne; Hanssen, Gro Sandkjær (2015) Klimatilpasning i vannforskriftsarbeidet - forstudie , Norsk institutt for vannforskning. ISBN 978-82-577-6584-2. No 6849 (89 sider)
NIVA began to register scientific articles in CRIStin in 2010, reports from 2014.


  1. Throne-Holst, Harald; Vittersø, Gunnar; Barkved, Line Johanne; Jensen, Vidar Remi (2016) Vi trenger en mer ansvarlig forskning : nettavis med nyheter fra norsk og internasjonal forskning
  2. Barkved, Line Johanne; Bruin, Karianne de; Lamadrid, Armando; Romstad, Bård (2013) The role of participatory mapping in community-based transformational adaptation to climate change Transformation in a changing climate International Conference 19.06.2013
  3. Barkved, Line Johanne; Lamadrid, Armando José; Kelkar, Ulka; Bruin, Karianne de; Aandahl, Guro; Bhadwal, Suruchi; Vedeld, Trond (2013) Participatory mapping for drought resilience in Jalna District, Maharashtra, India European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 18.03.2013
  4. Kronvang, B.; Borgvang, Stig; Barkved, Line Johanne (2009) Towards European harmonised procedures for quantification of nutrient losses from diffuse sources-the EUROHARP project Journal of Environmental Monitoring ISSN 1464-0325. Vol 11 No 3 s 503 - 505 doi: 10.1039/b902869m
NIVA began to register scientific articles in CRIStin in 2010, reports from 2014.