JointWater initiativ

12-14. mars fant andre del av samarbeidet mellom Brno University of Technology (VUT) og Norsk institutt for vannforskning (NIVA) sted. De to institusjonene skal i et felles prosjekt bedre og utvikle det vitenskapelige samarbeidet mellom dem.

The Czech delegation arrived on a Sunday, so a dinner with a recap of NIVA's visit to Brno University in February was a natural place to start.

Monday began with a meeting at CIENS Toppsenter where NIVA presented selected relevant projects carried out by the institute, as well as highlight available instruments. Afterwards, Laboratory Manager Line Roaas held a presentation providing insight into NIVA’s laboratory and provided a guided tour around NIVA's research facilities in Oslo.

From left to right: Jakub Racek, Tomas Macsek, Adela Zizlavska, Line Roaas, Petr Hlavinek, Tomas Chorazy at NIVA's laboratory (Photo: Pawel Krzeminski).

The AdMaS delegation were shown the experimental installation for water characterization and treatment, including membrane test rigs, available in the SET section. Later on, four presentations from AdMaS group providing a snapshot of the current research activities at the AdMaS group were given.

Adela Zizlavska, Tomas Macsek, Pawel Krzeminski and Tomas Chorazy (Photo: NIVA).

The meeting continued with further discussion on potential cooperation areas and initiated preparation of the joint proposal.

Tuesday 14th of March, the group visited NIVA's research facility at Solbergstrand. Manager Oddbjørn Pettersen held a presentation about the station and its research capabilities, with a tour around the facilities to conclude the visit from the AdMaS research center.

- The next steps of the cooperation are to prepare a joint H2020 proposal with deadline in November and eagerly await opening of the new EEA Norwegian-Czech Republic funding period, Pawel Krzeminski concludes.

NIVA's research facility at Solbergstrand among other things includes testing tanks for Ballast water treatment (Photo: NIVA).

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