• Strategic Research Initiative
  • Project Coordinator: Andrew King

OA-SIS (Ocean Acidification Strategic Research Initiative) is a four year strategic research initiative funded internally by NIVA basic funding. The funding is 15 MNOK and runs from 2013 to 2016. This research initiative is focused on ocean acidification (OA) - the rise in carbon dioxide and decrease in pH due in large part to anthropogenic fossil fuel emissions. OA-SIS is comprised of six themes: carbonate chemistry sensor development, high quality lab-based carbonate chemistry analyses, observing OA from remote platforms, scenarios and model forecast of OA, ecosystem effects of OA, and socioeconomic aspects and impacts of OA.

Projects funded by this strategic research initiative range from sensors for measuring ocean carbon dioxide and pH to developing coupled physical-biogeochemical models for the Norwegian waters to performing ocean acidification mesocosm experiments.


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