River basin approach to water management

The project will pilot introduce the river basin management approach in the Sittaung River Basin. The rational is to learn from the experiences gained in the project on failures and success for future benefits and for a successful future overall implementation of the principles in the Myanmar National Water Framework Directive.

A proposal for coordinated decision making which will include a proposal for a coordination arena for sector and environmental authorities, and a setup of for consultation with stakeholders and civil society. The proposal will be based on workshops and interviews with regional and national sector authorities.


Practical water management tasks will be demo-conducted in the Bago Sub-basin. The overall purpose of these tasks is to provide information which can be complied into a River Basin Management Plan for the Bago Sub-basin.

  • Characterisation, identification of water bodies, categorising / operational monitoring of water bodies, pressure analysis, risk assessment, economic analysis of water use, classification
  • Prioritize water management issues
  • Environmental goals
  • Identification of potential measures, Prioritize among measures
  • Programme of measures to reach the goals
  • Water management plan


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Photos: Ingrid Nesheim, NIVA.

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