Full programme for upcoming workshop on emerging contaminants

The workshop on the “Current and Future Challenges Associated with the Sampling and Analysis of Emerging Contaminants in the Aquatic Environment” will discuss the challenges and pit-falls of working with emerging contaminants.

When: March 1st and 2nd 2012
Where: NIVA, Gaustadalléen 21, 0349 Oslo, Norway
Programme: Download (.pdf)

The workshop is hosted by NIVA and organised by NORMAN - Network of Reference Laboratories for Monitoring of Emerging Environmental Pollutants.

The Network of reference laboratories, research centres for monitoring emerging environmental
pollutants (NORMAN) is an independent and competent platform in the field of emerging pollutants.
NORMAN facilitates an exchange of information, debate and research collaborations at a global level
with official recognition from institutional agencies of the EU.

The workshop will tackle three specific themes:

• How do we effectively sample for emerging compounds?
• How do we identify the next generation of emerging compounds?
• What are the next generation of emerging compounds?

The main objectives of the workshop are to discuss and evaluate whether the approaches currently in
place are effective for the sampling and analysis of emerging contaminants, to develop a framework for
identifying the next generation of emerging compounds and see what new contaminants are emerging.


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