Jyotirmoy Bhardwaj
Stilling: Stipendiat
Telefon: +47 463 41 547
Seksjon: Miljøkjemi og teknologi
Jyotirmoy is working with Environmental Chemistry group of NIVA. In addition, he is Ph.D. research fellow at WISENET Center, University of Agder, Norway. His research interest revolves around sensor fusion, data analytics, machine learning, and mathematical optimization. Presently, he is investigating data driven machine learning approaches to predict the diverse events in smart water networks. Furthermore, he is working on various Electronics/Communication methods in order to simplify the data aggregation process of heterogeneous water quality parameters. Jyotirmoy holds B.Engg (Bachelor of Engineering with highest honor) and M.Engg (Master of Engineering) from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India in the field of Telecommunications Engineering.

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