Ansatt bilde
Wolfgang Uhl
Stilling: Seniorrådgiver
Telefon: +47 401 06 655
Seksjon: Systemer og teknologi
Wolfgang Uhl is research manager at NIVA. He provides leadership to the department “Systems Engineering and Technology”. Furthermore, he is adjunct professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) at Trondheim, Institute of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He has about 30 years of experience in research and consulting in the water business. He has been working and he published regarding all aspects of water quality, water treatment and water distribution with respect to drinking water, wastewater and process water in industry, including water reclamation and reuse. He participated in and coordinated several large interdisciplinary projects targeting Integrated Water Resources Management from source to tap. His expertise in water treatment covers a wide range including coagulation, filtration, membrane processes, adsorption, ion exchange and disinfection. Currently he has a focus on microplastics in drinking water and waste water and on antibiotic resistance and its occurrence and relevance in the aquatic environment and treated water.

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Vitenskapelige artikler og bokkapitler

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