8th FerryBox Workshop

Sted: M/S Color Fantasy (Oslo-Kiel return)
Når: 17.10.2017 - 19.10.2017, 12:00 - 10:00

Modern FerryBox(FB)‐based observations in European waters have evolved over the last few decades. At present, most FB systems involve cooperation with container/passenger ships; collecting physical, chemical, and biological data from the ocean and air. In recent years, advances have been made with regards to the design of FB systems, the use of emerging sensor technologies, and the way data is handled, managed, and interpreted.

We invite abstracts for presentations for the following themes

• Status of FerryBoxes in different regions 
Updates from new/existing FB lines; New knowledge including results from data/models with FB data

• FerryBox observations in combination with other ocean and earth observing systems
Ongoing and future multiplatform observations; Initiatives/strategies for future activities

• FerryBox data management and quality control/assurance
Data handling and dissemination; data repositories; QC/QA procedures

• New sensor and sampling technologies
Related to greenhouse gases & CO2 system, bio‐optics, cell imaging & flow cytometry, contaminants, and microplastics; interfacing with ship companies

Sist oppdatert 07.12.2017