NIVA at SETAC 2019

NIVA scientists will be attending the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (Setac) European meeting in Helsinki from the 26th until 30th May 2019. A list of the platform presentations and posters being presented by NIVA researchers are given below. If you are attending, please reach out to one of our scientists if you would like to discuss future collaborations with NIVA or if you have any questions about our research.

Sted: Helsinki, Finland.
Når: 26.05.2019 - 30.05.2019,

Monday May 27

Title Type Presenter NIVA contact
Developing an Integrated Approach to Testing and Assessment for Acute Fish Toxicity Testing Poster Christopher Fassbender Adam Lillicrap
Environmental behavior and bioaccumulation of contaminants of emerging concern in northern freshwater ecosystems Poster Aline Arriola Akvaplan-niva
World distribution of test species for ecotoxicology of antifouling biocides Poster Samantha Eslava Gonçalves Martins Adam Lillicrap
Integrating Semantic Technologies in Environmental RiskAssessment: A Vision Platform Erik Bryhn Myklebust Erik Bryhn Myklebust
Levels and trends of tributyltin (TBT) and imposex in dogwhelk (Nucella lapillus) in Norway from 1991 to 2017 Platform Merete Schøyen Merete Schøyen
A comprehensive investigation of microplastic contamination in Lake Mjøsa, Norway's largest lake Platform Amy Lusher Amy Lusher
Daphnia as a test organism for endocrine disruption Platform Danilo Basili Knut Erik Tollefsen
Assessing the relevance of wastewater and agricultural runoff as microplastic sources for freshwater ecosystems: A case study in central Spain Platform Theresa Christin Schell Rachel Hurley
Long-term mercury records in a boreal lake: lake processing and the role of organic matter Platform Heleen de Wit Heleen de Wit
Endocrine regulation and disruption of molting in arthropods: Mechanistic understanding and adverse outcome pathway development Platform You Song You Song
Performance of three-dimensional rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) hepatocyte spheroids for evaluating biotransformation of pyrene Platform Maria T. Hultman Maria T. Hultman
Development of a Bayesian network model for predicting fish acute toxicity from FET data: a probabilistic weight-of-evidence approach Platform Adam Lillicrap Adam Lillicrap

Tuesday May 28

Title Type Presenter NIVA contact
Characterization of cell response in Rhodomonas salina exposed to PMMA nanoplastics Poster Adam Lillicrap Adam Lillicrap
ECORISK2050: Effects of global change on the emission, fate, effects and risks of chemicals in aquatic ecosystems Poster Alistair Boxall Jannicke Moe
Effects of microfibers and tyre debris on freshwater invertebrates Poster Theresa Christin Schell Rachel Hurley
Epigenetic, transcriptional and phenotypic responses in Daphnia magna after short-term exposure to gamma radiation Poster You Song You Song
Mixture of metals in coastal water of Kaldvellfjord, Norway - speciation, bioavailability and uptake in organisms Poster Emil Jarosz Raoul Wolf
Mode of action and adverse effects of gamma radiation in the aquatic macrophyte Lemna minor Poster Li Xie Li Xie
Snow buntings (Plectrophenax nivealis) as bio-indicators for exposure differences to legacy and emerging persistent organic pollutants from the Arctic terrestrial environment Poster Nicholas Alexander Warner Akvaplan-niva
Temporal trends of persistent organic pollutants in Barents Sea polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in relation to changes in feeding habits and body condition Poster Heli Routti Akvaplan-niva
Uptake and effects of polystyrene nanoparticles on the early development and life cycle of Tisbe battagliai: role of surface functionalisation Poster Adam Lillicrap Adam Lillicrap
UV radiation effects the Diatom (Skeletonema sp.) physiological responses to ocean acidification Poster Li Xie Li Xie
Bioassay-based profiling of steroid- and dioxin-like activities in French river waters using grab and integrative sampling Platform Clémence Chardon Ian Allan

Wednesday May 29

Title Type Presenter NIVA contact
Analysing zooplankton swimming bahviour with robots and data science Poster Raoul Wolf Raoul Wolf
Depicting Cumulative Effects of Anthropogenic and Natural Pressures in the Dutch Wadden Sea with a Dynamic Bayesian Network Poster Sophie Mentzel Sophie Mentzel
Single and multiple stressor effects in Tisbe battagliai: toolbox and Adverse Outcome Pathway development Poster Chloe Eastabrook You Song
Use of Bayesian network modelling for assessing the weight of evidence of an AOP network for UV radiation Poster Jannicke Moe Jannicke Moe
UV-Induced stress response of the marine copepod Tisbe battagliai: DNA damage and gene expression Poster Chloe Eastabrook You Song
Promoting data literacy to improve statistics in ecotoxicology  Platform Raoul Wolf Raoul Wolf
Quantification of AOP by Bayesian network modelling: linking chemical stress to adverse outcomes in Lemna minor Platform Jannicke Moe Jannicke Moe

Thursday May 30

Title Type Presenter NIVA contact
Adverse outcome pathways for non-chemical stressors: the case of radiation Poster You Song You Song
Contaminated marine sediments in the Nordic countries; review of remediation approaches. Report from the CONSENS project Poster Marianne Olsen Marianne Olsen
Establishing Cleanup Levels for Contaminated Sediment Sites in Norway Based on Bioavailability Poster Marianne Olsen Marianne Olsen
Size spectra analysis reveals structural changes of natural communities under realistic exposures to pharmaceuticals and personal care products Poster Didier L. Baho Didier L. Baho
Changes in PFAS distribution from hot spots sources to the abiotic and biotic environment Platform Håkon Austad Langberg Morten Jartun
Novel experimental approaches to study complex phytoplankton community responses to contaminant exposure Platform Eva Leu Didier L. Baho
A trait driver ecological theory predicts complex responses of phytoplankton exposed to chemical stress Platform Luca Nizzetto Luca Nizzetto
Freshwater phytoplankton community response across different historical contamination backgrounds Platform Simone Rizzuto Luca Nizzetto

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