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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

  1. Popescu, Cristina; Oprina-Pavelescu, Mihaela; Dinu, Valentin; Cazacu, Constantin; Burdon, Francis J.; Forio, Marie Anne Eurie; Kupilas, Benjamin; Friberg, Nikolai; Goethals, Peter; McKie, Brendan G.; Rîșnoveanu, Geta; (2021) Riparian Vegetation Structure Influences Terrestrial Invertebrate Communities in an Agricultural Landscape. Water ISSN 2073-4441. Vol 13 No2 doi: 10.3390/w13020188
  2. Kupilas, Benjamin; Burdon, Francis J.; Thaulow, Jens; Håll, Johnny; Mutinova, Petra Thea; Forio, Marie Anne Eurie; Witing, Felix; Rîșnoveanu, Geta; Goethals, Peter; McKie, Brendan G.; Friberg, Nikolai; (2021) Forested Riparian Zones Provide Important Habitat for Fish in Urban Streams. Water ISSN 2073-4441. Vol 13 No6 doi: 10.3390/w13060877
  3. Mutinova, Petra Thea; Kahlert, Maria; Kupilas, Benjamin; McKie, Brendan G.; Friberg, Nikolai; Burdon, Francis J.; (2020) Benthic Diatom Communities in Urban Streams and the Role of Riparian Buffers. Water ISSN 2073-4441. Vol 12 No10 doi: 10.3390/w12102799
  4. Ramberg, Ellinor; Burdon, Francis J.; Sargac, Jasmina; Kupilas, Benjamin; Rîșnoveanu, Geta; Lau, Danny CP; Johnson, Richard K; McKie, Brendan G; (2020) The Structure of Riparian Vegetation in Agricultural Landscapes Influences Spider Communities and Aquatic-Terrestrial Linkages. Water ISSN 2073-4441. Vol 12 No10 doi: 10.3390/w12102855
  5. Kupilas, Benjamin; McKie, Brendan G; Januschke, Kathrin; Friberg, Nikolai; Hering, Daniel; (2020) Stable isotope analysis indicates positive effects of river restoration on aquatic-terrestrial linkages. Ecological Indicators ISSN 1470-160X. Vol 113 doi: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2020.106242
  6. Burdon, Francis J.; Ramberg, Ellinor; Sargac, Jasmina; Forio, Marie Anne Eurie; de Saeyer, Nancy; Mutinova, Petra Thea; Moe, Therese Fosholt; Pavelescu, Mihaela Oprina; Dinu, Valentin; Cazacu, Constantin; Witing, Felix; Kupilas, Benjamin; Grandin, Ulf; Volk, Martin; Rîşnoveanu, Geta; Goethals, Peter; Friberg, Nikolai; Johnson, Richard K.; McKie, Brendan G.; (2020) Assessing the benefits of forested riparian zones: A qualitative index of riparian integrity is positively associated with ecological status in European streams. Water ISSN 2073-4441. Vol 12 No4 doi: 10.3390/W12041178
  7. Forio, Marie Anne Eurie; De Troyer, Niels; Lock, Koen; Witing, Felix; Baert, Lotte; de Saeyer, Nancy; Risnoveanu, Geta; Popescu, Cristina; Burdon, Francis J.; Kupilas, Benjamin; Friberg, Nikolai; Boets, Pieter; Volk, Martin; McKie, Brendan G.; Goethals, Peter; (2020) Small Patches of Riparian Woody Vegetation Enhance Biodiversity of Invertebrates. Water ISSN 2073-4441. Vol 12 No11 doi: 10.3390/w12113070
  8. Kupilas, Benjamin; Hering, Daniel; Lorenz, Armin W; Knuth, Christoph; Gücker, Björn; (2017) Hydromorphological restoration stimulates river ecosystem metabolism. Biogeosciences ISSN 1726-4170. Vol 14 s1989-2002 doi: 10.5194/bg-14-1989-2017
  9. Kupilas, Benjamin; Friberg, Nikolai; McKie, Brendan G.; Jochmann, Maik A; Lorenz, Armin W; Hering, Daniel; (2016) River restoration and the trophic structure of benthic invertebrate communities across 16 European restoration projects. Hydrobiologia ISSN 0018-8158. Vol 769 s105-120 doi: 10.1007/s10750-015-2569-6
  10. Hering, Daniel; Aroviita, Jukka; Baattrup-Pedersen, Annette; Brabec, Karel; Buijse, Anthonie D.; Ecke, Frauke; Friberg, Nikolai; Gielczewski, Marek; Januschke, Kathrin; Koehler, Jan; Kupilas, Benjamin; Lorenz, Armin; Muhar, Susanne; Paillex, Amael; Poppe, Michaela; Schmidt, Torsten; Schmutz, Stefan; Vermaat, Jan; Verdonschot, Piet F.M.; Verdonschot, Ralf C.M.; Wolter, Christian; Kail, Jochem; (2015) Contrasting the roles of section length and instream habitat enhancement for river restoration success: a field study of 20 European restoration projects. Journal of Applied Ecology ISSN 0021-8901. Vol 52 No6 s1518-1527 doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.12531
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