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Carlos Escudero
Position: Senior Research Scientist, PhD
Phone: +47 982 15 448
Dr. Carlos Escudero-Oñate studied Chemistry as his degree at the University of Valencia in Spain and gained his PhD in the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Girona, Spain where he developed green sorption technologies for heavy metals and arsenic removal from aqueous effluents. He devoted a special effort to the study of hexavalent chromium reduction to the less toxic Cr(III) by using lignocellulosic based materials. He did a research stage in the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Valencia where he studied the effect of complexing agents in the removal of Cu2+ and Ni2+ by some natural lignocellulosic materials with ion exchange properties and also in the Groupement de Recherches Eaux - Sols - Environnement (GRESE) of the University of Limoges (France), where he developed an adsorbent capable of adsorbing both, As(III) and As(V) from aqueous effluents. After his PhD he worked as associated professor of Chemistry in the University of Girona and also of Physicochemical and Instrumental Analysis in a formative center of Generalitat de Catalunya. Afterwards, he gained a permanent position as Officer in the Chemistry Laboratory of the Department of Scientific Police in the Central Criminalistics Area of Police of Generalitat (Mossos d’Esquadra), where his main duties where the development and optimization of methods and provide technical support to the police research.

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