Ansatt bilde
Kai Sørensen
Position: Research Manager
Phone: +47 907 32 129
Section: Ledelse, forskningsfaglig
Specialist in optical remote sensing and development of automatic sensor system for water quality measurements. Specialization in sensor technology and use of sensor platforms as ships of opportunity. Long experience in development of analytical laboratory methods and optical in situ techniques. Member Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) for satellite sensors. Principal investigator for international projects for ESA (VAMP) and EU-project REVAMP, FerryBox, DISMAR, NorSEN the national satellite project SATOCEAN, CoastColor, and the national activity on ships of opportunity (SOOP). Experience from optical measurements and remote sensing from lakes and has participated in the project “Light and Life in African Environment” (Lake Victoria). Work on water quality and sensor measurements on aquaculture including live fish transport harmful algal monitoring, lake monitoring using satellite technology.

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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

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