Lise Ann Tveiten
Position: Research Assistant
Phone: +47 958 87 270
Section: Marin biologi
Employed since 1983. Marine biology. Monitoring. Planning, survey, wide field experience and laboratory work. Data management and presentation. Maintenance and revision of data bases. Import and export of data to research data bases and related quality control measures; Field work: Organising and leading field work for marine research and monitoring, especially concerning marine biological sampling. Fish biomarkers for environmental contamination in monitoring. Sediment sampling. Laboratory work: Preparation of biological material (for example mussels, gastropods, fish, shrimps, crabs) for chemical analysis. Soft bottom sampling in field and sorting of fauna samples in the laboratory. Biological effects of TBT an marine snails.Participate in Quality Assuranse of Information for Marine Environment Monitoring in Europe, QUASIMEME)