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Scientific articles and Bookchapters

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  2. Eftekhardadkhah, Mona; Kløcker, Kaja Neeb; Trapnes, Helle Hofstad; Gawel, Bartlomiej; Øye, Gisle; (2016) Composition and Dynamic Adsorption of Crude Oil Components Dissolved in Synthetic Produced Water at Different pH Values. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research ISSN 0888-5885. Vol 55 No11 s3084-3090 doi: 10.1021/acs.iecr.5b04459
  3. Eftekhardadkhah, Mona; Aanesen, Svein Viggo; Rabe, Karsten; Øye, Gisle; (2015) Oil Removal from Produced Water during Laboratory- and Pilot-Scale Gas Flotation: The Influence of Interfacial Adsorption and Induction Times. Energy & Fuels ISSN 0887-0624. Vol 29 No11 s7734-7740 doi: 10.1021/acs.energyfuels.5b02110
  4. Gawel, Bartlomiej; Eftekhardadkhah, Mona; Øye, Gisle; (2014) Elemental Composition and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of Crude Oils and Their Fractions. Energy & Fuels ISSN 0887-0624. Vol 28 No2 s997-1003 doi: 10.1021/ef402286y
  5. Eftekhardadkhah, Mona; Øye, Gisle; (2013) Correlations between Crude Oil Composition and Produced Water Quality: A Multivariate Analysis Approach. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research ISSN 0888-5885. Vol 52 No48 s17315-17321 doi: 10.1021/ie4028457
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  7. Eftekhardadkhah, Mona; Øye, Gisle; (2013) Induction and Coverage Times for Crude Oil Droplets Spreading on Air Bubbles. Environmental Science and Technology ISSN 0013-936X. Vol 47 No24 s14154-14160 doi: 10.1021/es403574g
  8. Eftekhardadkhah, Mona; Øye, Gisle; (2013) Dynamic Adsorption of Organic Compounds Dissolved in Synthetic Produced Water at Air Bubbles: the Influence of the lonic Composition of Aqueous Solutions. Energy & Fuels ISSN 0887-0624. Vol 27 s5128-5134 doi: 10.1021/ef400925e
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