Norman Whitaker Green
Position: Senior Research Scientist
Phone: +47 992 32 195
Section: Miljøgifter
Norman Green has been Task leader for hazardous substances in marine waters within the EEA-Topic Centre for Water since 2002. Experience gained as a member of ICES working group on statistics (WGSAEM, 1985-1991) augmented his expertise in assessing the levels and trends of contaminants in the marine environment. He has been project manager for the Norwegian contribution to OSPAR CEMP with regard to hazardous substances since 1985 and a participant in OSPAR working groups SIME, MON and MIME since 1985. In addition to CEMP he is also project manager to assess the state of hazardous substances in the seas that border Norway; each project with a annual budget of over €1 million. His Cand. real. (MA/PhD equivalent) thesis in marine zoology from the University of Oslo in 1983 concerned sublittoral rocky-bottom community structure and development. This subject matter has been the main focus of his annual field work along the southern coast of Norway.