Policy for ethics and external environment

NIVA’s business model is founded on the principles of exemplary business ethics and social responsibility. The guidelines below are based on international conventions, and designate minimum ethical standards.

NIVA expects that all our contracting parties respect fundamental social and ethical norms in their business. Suppliers, subcontractors and business partners are expected to be familiar with NIVA policy, and to support the principles below. If in any degree NIVA is associated with contracting parties who fail to comply with applicable laws or basic business ethics, this is understood to be a premise for terminating the contract.

Research Ethics

NIVA shall comply with the standards for research - on transparency, quality and accountability. We are committed to good research practices in line with research ethics in science and technology, which has been prepared by The National Committee for Research Ethics in Science and Technology (NENT).

Human Rights

NIVA is committed to respect all internationally recognized human rights, and to comply with the eight core conventions of ILO as a minimum standard. National standards regarding minimum wages shall be the lowest acceptable level, and shall be sufficient for basic needs. Wages shall be paid directly to the employee in a timely manner. Working hours must not exceed limits stipulated by national legislation and regulation of overtime work conforms to pertinent legal ordinances.

Health, Safety and Environment

The health and safety of employees shall be considered as more important than business operations. Employees are to be pre-informed about risk activities that can endanger health and given access to relevant safety and protective gear and equipment.

External Environment

NIVA’s operations shall have a positive environmental impact, through knowledge transfer to society and authorities and development of environmentally friendly technologies. Precautionary principles apply when operations may represent a negative impact on the external environment, and business activities are to be conducted in line with relevant environmental legislation.

NIVA’s Environmental policy:

  • Research for a sustainable future - NIVA researches, investigates and finds solutions to challenges related to the use and protection of water resources. This gives us the motivation to conduct our business in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • NIVA will work systematically and continuously to reduce our own environmental impact, and will affect employees, partners and suppliers in the same direction.
  • NIVA will operate within the framework of the current environmental legislation.

Corruption and Fair Competition

NIVA has zero tolerance for corruption and is committed to systematically work to prevent corruption and bribery in our business activities.

NIVA will operate within the framework of prevailing national and international rules of competition and will actively resist undertakings that hinder competition.

Correct information, accounting and reporting

Business information shall be accurately and fully reported, internally and externally. Accounting information must be properly registered in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


The contracting parties have the right, through competent and independent auditors, to partake in prior-warned inspections of one another’s premises during the contract period to ensure the obligations of this document are being met.

Last updated 01.10.2015