NIVA main office

NIVA's main office is located in Oslo Science Park. NIVA has four regional offices and a full scale research station in the Oslo fjord.

NIVA's head office is located in the CIENS building, which is part of the Oslo Science Park. The head office is located near the University of Oslo. The university environment represents basic research and teaching while Oslo Science Park and their tenants contribute to the commercialization of research results.

Forskningsparken / Oslo Science Park. (Photo: Oslotech)

The majority of our employees work at the main office, so is the central administration and staff units. Chemical and biological laboratories are found here, as well as centers for equipment and instruments.


Gaustadalléen 21
0349 Oslo

Tlf: (+47) 22 18 51 00
Faks: (+47) 22 18 52 00

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