NIVA Region East

NIVA Region East is located at Ottestad, near Hamar.

Primary areas of work and projects

  • Monitoring of metal pollution from firing ranges
  • Effects of regulations and climate variations on fish in lakes and mountain reservoirs
  • National survey of heavy metals in lake sediments
  • Survey of mercury concentrations in freshwater fish - effects of forestry
  • Operational monitoring of Lake Mjøsa
  • Time series analysis of monitoring data 1972-2010
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions in streams and rivers for municipalities in the region around Lake Mjøsa
  • Combating the salmon parasite Gyrodactylus salaris with acid and aluminium
  • In which lakes can liming be terminated because of reduced acid deposition?
  • Effects of air pollution on water chemistry
  • Using hydroacoustics to  monitor fish resouces and ecological status in freshwater
  • Studies of fish communities in freshwater environments for the assessment of ecological status and effects of human activities

Regional manager: Øyvind Garmo


Sandvikavegen 59 (previously 41)
2312 Ottestad

Tlf: (+47) 22 18 51 00

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