NIVA Region South

NIVA Region South is located in Grimstad.

NIVA’s Regional Office South is located in Grimstad, in close vicinity to the University of Agder – Campus East. The office was established in 1982, and today 20 people work here. Most of the staff are researchers, with a project portfolio consisting of a mixture of local, national and international projects.

NIVA is a project-based organization that performs research, carries out environmental monitoring and investigations and finds solutions related to the use and protection of water resources. NIVA’s organisation goes beyond geographic borders, resulting in regional offices which are fully integrated, both scientifically and organisationally, with the main office in Oslo.

NIVA Regional Office South (Grimstad)


Being a regional office, we feel a special responsibility to contribute to environmentally sustainable development and growth in our local region.

 Our employees have a broad expertise within key areas related to water use and protection, including (in alphabetic order):

  • Sustainable blue growth in inland and coastal waters
  • Fish physiology and behavior, mitigation measures for migratory fish
  • Acidification and liming of surface waters, including R&D, monitoring, planning and control of mitigation measures
  • Land-ocean interactions: Nutrient export from rivers and effects on coastal waters
  • Marine biology and biogeochemistry; monitoring, biodiversity, soft-bottom fauna, invasive species
  • Marine pollution: measure-oriented monitoring, industrial effluents and deposits, risk assessments
  • Monitoring in lakes, rivers and coastal water on national, regional and local scale
  • Modelling effects of climate change and other human influences on freshwater quality
  • Process industry; effluent control, monitoring of wastewater flows, monitoring and assessment of mitigation measures
  • Transport / road building; effects on water quality in affected areas, treatment of polluted water, planning and control of mitigation measures
  • Sensor technology, smart instrumentation, high-frequency monitoring
  • Water Framework Directive; Surveillance-, operational- and investigative monitoring
  • Urban water challenges; stormwater monitoring and management, pollution accounting, ecological and recreational values in urban waterways


Some of our projects

Økokyst – Surveillance monitoring in coastal waters

Elveovervåkingsprogrammet – The Norwegian River Monitoring Programme

Blått-karbon – Nordic project on carbon uptake and storage in kelp forests

Forskning på land-hav-interaksjoner – Climate change and increased runoff from land affect coastal waters

WATExR - The project aims to integrate climate seasonal forecasts and lake ecosystem impact modelling into user-friendly tools to aid decision making, and help adapt water resource management to an increased frequency of climate extreme events in the future. The project is part of ERA4CS, an ERA-NET initiated by JPI Climate, and runs from 2017-2020.


Contact Information

Jon Lilletuns vei 3
4879 Grimstad

Tel: (+47) 22 18 51 00 (switchboard)

How to find us (map)

Hilde Cecilie Trannum, Region leader
    Phone: +47 905 95 603

Camilla Folkestad, Head administrator
    Phone: +47 917 42 170

Last updated 27.02.2023