Lorenzo Pin
Position: PhD Student
Phone: +47 982 94 066
Section: Ferskvannsøkologi
Lorenzo graduated as Environmental Biologist in Italy, his main interests are in marine and freshwater ecology. During his MSc, Lorenzo attempted to a research project at IRSA-CNR (Water research institute, Montelibretti, Italy) focusing on the characterization of the procaryotic community living in the Po delta lagoons sediments, by using molecular techniques as FISH (Fluorescence in-situ Hybridization) and CARD-FISH (Catalyzed reporter deposition-FISH). He also performed Bacterial DNA extraction from sediments samples then used for NGS-sequencing performed by the University of Vienna. He also took part in a European project named RIVER SAMPLING DAY where he experienced the main chemical-analytic methods for freshwater samples. Today Lorenzo works as a PhD student in the freshwater ecology section at NIVA, his PhD encompass linking environmental flows to changes in river ecosystem structure and functioning mediated by water chemistry and biotic interactions. His fields of expertise are the molecular analysis of bacterial assemblages in freshwater ecosystems and assessment of how various environmental factors influence the composition of the stream and riparian communities. Lorenzo mainly works with monitoring of rivers, eutrophication, liming of river systems, climate change and effects of hydroelectric development. Classification and assessment of ecologic conditions in accordance with the Water Framework Directive are key elements in his monitoring projects.