Keynote speakers

  • Priority and emerging pollutants: Dr. Tomas Brodin (Umeå University, Sweden): Antidepressants in fish.
  • From toxicity mechanisms to ecological effects: Dr. Dan Villeneuve (USEPA, USA). Integrating toxicity data at different levels of organization to provide a system toxicology understanding.
  • From urban development to sensitive environments: Dr. Renee Bechmann (International Research Institute of Stavanger, Norway). Veterinary medicines used in aquaculture of fish cause adverse effects to economic important marine crustaceans.      
  • Multiple stressors and environmental interactions: Dr. Veerle Jaspers (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway). Interactions between natural stressors and pollutant exposure in nestling birds of prey.
  • Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation: Dr. Frederic Alonzo (IRSN, France). Effects of Ionizing Radiation from the molecular to the population levels.


(Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Thomas Bjørkan)

Sist oppdatert 10.10.2016