NIVA allocated 1.2 mill NOK from the institute’s basic funding to support six research projects on land-ocean interactions. Five of there are directly related to the infrastructure in Storelva-Sandnesfjorden.

Littoral vegetation and benthic fauna along the salinity gradient from Songevatn to Sandnesfjorden

Project leader: Tone Kroglund; E-mail:

Monitoring of hydrophysical and hydrochemical variables in Storelva river, Steaelva river and in the Nævestad fjord

Project leader: Øyvind Kaste; E-mail:

Characterisation of dissolved organic matter in the river and the fjord

Project leader: Carlos Escudero; E-mail:

Real-time modelling of temperature and salinity in Songevatn, Nævestad fjord and the Sandnes fjord

Project leader: John Rune Selvik; E-mail:

Climate-mediated increases in organic matter export to coastal waters: Effects on lower food web structure and contaminant bioaccumulation

Project leader: Amanda Poste; E-mail:

Last updated 17.09.2015