Description of research institutes, infrastructure and key personnel and roles within ANTIVENOM


NIVA is Norway’s leading research institute for the aquatic environment, with access to state-of-the-art facilities in Oslo and unique large-scale facilities to perform micro and mesocosm experiments at the Oslo fjord marine field station.

Dr. Ailbhe Macken (PC, T2.2, T4.2) Research Manager, Oceanography. She is the GLP Deputy Manager and has many years of experience managing research projects and leading working groups for research funding agencies and industry.

Dr. Tânia Gomes (WP2, T2.1) Research scientist with extensive expertise in ecotoxicology and marine pollution, specialising in ecotoxicology, biomarker research and development, and environmental monitoring.

Dr. Karina Petersen (WP3, T3.1, T3.2) Research scientist in ecotoxicology with expertise in bioassay testing, combined toxicity assessment, ERA, cumulative risk assessment, and regulatory ecotoxicology.    

Dr. Malcolm Reid, Research Manager, Environmental Chemistry, expertise in environmental analysis, pharmaceutical, water sciences and epidemiology, responsible for all chemical analysis.

Prof. Anders Ruus, Senior research scientist specialising in sediment contaminants who holds a professor II position at the University of Oslo and will act as a co-supervisor for the PhD student.    

Dr. Adam Lillicrap (WP4, T4.1) Research Manager, Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment and NIVA GLP manager, Coordinator of JPI Oceans Knowledge Hub and member of EMA CVMP ERA WP.


Akvaplan-niva provides expert knowledge and advice on the environment and on aquaculture, integrating research, decision support and technical innovation. 

Dr. Gro Refseth (T 1.1) Senior research scientist specialising in marine ecotoxicology and environmental risk assessment within the aquaculture industry.    

Dr. Ole Anders Nøst (T 1.2) Senior scientist in physical oceanography. 25 years of experience managing research projects for agencies and industry. 


Åkerblå provide support, advice and guidance on performing site surveys, site extensions and are accredited to perform environmental surveys and provide expertise directed towards increased operational efficiency and environmentally sustainable aquaculture.

Dagfinn Breivik Skomsø is the Laboratory manager at Åkerblå and has extensive experience with performing field monitoring of fish farms and project management for benthic fauna analysis.

Wageningen Environmental Research (WEnR)

Wageningen Environmental Research (WEnR), Netherlands is a research institute which contributes by qualified and independent research towards environmental issues and has state of the art Micro and Mesocosm facilities which will be used directly in the project. 

Prof. Paul van den Brink (T 2.3) has experience executing international projects on assessing the ecological effects of emerging contaminants, the development of effect models, traits based Ecological Risk Assessment and ecological risk assessment of chemicals.


Deltares is an independent institute for applied research in the field of water and subsurface environments and a leading institute in the field of hydrodynamics and water quality modelling.

Dr. Frank Kleissen Senior researcher, he has experience in environmental assessments related to aquatic issues and hydrodynamic and water quality modelling of marine, estuarine and freshwater systems.    

Dr Bert van Hattum Senior scientist environmental chemistry and ecotoxicology for over 30 years. Developed the MAMPEC model for exposure assessments of antifoulants.

Last updated 01.12.2020