• Funded by: EU-FP7
  • Project Coordinator: Water Insight
  • NIVA Leader: Trine Dale

AQUA-USERS (AQUAculture USEr driven operational Remote Sensing information services) is a user driven Horizon 2020 project whose goal is to provide aquaculture industries with an application (app or web based) with user relevant and timely information to aquaculture industries. The focus is particularly to give the users a warning/risk prediction about upcoming HAB (harmful algae blooms) events. The application will use both current satellite data and weather prediction data from Copernicus as well as data measured by the user locally (such as optical water quality measured by Secchi depth and/or the hand-held WISP device). This information, together with an underlying database and decision support system will link the information to a set of (user determined) possible management decisions. Case studies are performed in 5 countries (Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, UK and Portugal).


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Last updated 07.12.2017