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Tempelfjord is a fjord branch at the inner end of Sassenfjorden, a part of Isfjorden at Spitsbergen, Svalbard. It is located between Sabine Land and Bünsow Land, and   the head a calving glacier called the Tunabre run into the Tempelfjord. Many small streams drain into the fjord during summer period (Figure 1).

The bathymetry: fjord is relatively shallow in the inner part. The depths are varying form 50 m in a distance of 200 m from the calving glacier, and only 34 m in a distance of 3 km from the glacier. A basin of depths of more than 100 m can be found in the middle of the fjord near the mouth.

Ice-coverage: Thee fjord had a solid ice cover extending 3 – 4 km from the edge of the glacier at the time of March 2014 expedition.

Last updated 02.02.2015