UMB 2: Assessment Bioaccumulation and Effects of Depleted Uranium (DU) in Daphnia Magna and Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii

T. Gomes (NIVA), A. Macken (NIVA), L. Xie (NIVA), H.C. Teien (NMBU-IMV) and K.E. Tollefsen (NIVA/NMBU-IMV).

Objective: Quantify the extent of bioaccumulation of (DU) in algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and crustacean Daphnia magna through waterborne and dietary exposures. The results of these studies will allow further development of the uptake/elimination kinetics of DU in lower trophic species and potentially lead to more information on the trophic transfer between algae and crustaceans.

Results: Several optimization and improvements in the sampling and analysis methods (i.e. consistent exposure conditions, optimization of culturing scenarios for testing with DU, development and optimization of washing, haemolymph extraction and sample preparation and storage) have been performed to ensure sound and reliable characterization of the potential uptake and elimination of DU in D. magna. Based on the results generated from the final uptake/elimination study with D. magna, the potential trophic transfer of DU through a simplified food chain will be further investigated. To this end, further studies looking at the uptake of DU in the algae C. reinhardtii and potential transfer/accumulation in D. magna after feeding with “spiked” algae will be performed.

Project Manager: Tânia Gomes

Tania Gomes
Tania Gomes in NIVAlab.
daphnia magna
Daphnia Magna (Photo: NIVA)
Last updated 07.12.2017