UMB 4: Deciphering Complex Interactions of Gamma Radiation and Depleted Uranium in Juvenile Salmo Salar

Y. Song (NIVA), B. Salbu (NMBU-IMV), H.C. Teien (NMBU-IMV), O.C. Lind (NMBU-IMV), B.O. Rosseland (NMBU-IMV), Ø. Evensen (NMBU-NVH), K.E. Tollefsen (NIVA/NMBU-IMV).


Evaluate hepatic transcriptional and functional effects of gamma radiation, depleted uranium (U) and the combination of the two stressors in Atlantic salmon.


Juvenile salmon were exposed to 70 mGy external gamma dose delivered over the first 5h of a 48 h period, 0.25 mg/L U were exposed continuously for 48 h and the combination of the two stressors Microarray gene expression analysis identified 3122, 2303 and 3460 differentially expressed genes (DEGs) being significantly regulated by exposure to gamma, DU and Combi, respectively. Functional analysis revealed that the stressors displayed common modes of action (MoA) such as induction of oxidative stress, DNA damage and disturbance of oxidative phosphorylation. Although some similarity in MoA was observed between stressors, differences in MoA were also clearly identified. No functional adverse effects could be observed in the present studies.

Project Manager: You Song

Last updated 29.04.2016