UMB 5: Characterising and Quantifying Epigenetic Changes that have Relevance for Transgenerational Effects in Daphnia Magna after Exposure to Single and Multiple Stressors

J. Thaulow (NIVA), L.C. Lindeman (NMBU-NVH), J.T. Rundberget (NIVA), Peter Aleström (NMBU-NVH), Knut Erik Tollefsen (NIVA/NMBU-IMV).


Establish toolbox for determining epigenetic changes in D. magna.


LC-MS/MS - simultaneous quantification of different methylation forms ChIP– elucidate changes at histone modifications on gene promoters.


  • Detection of 5-methylcytosine – 5meC (standard epigenetic marker).
  • Detection of it’s oxidized form 5-hydroxymethylcytosine – 5hmC.
    • 5hmC potentially more biological relevant than 5meC
  • Establishment of a ChIP-PCR protocol for Daphnia magna.
  • High enrichment of H3K9me3 and H3K27me3 in promotor associated with transcriptional repression.


Methods promising for future epigenetic work in Daphnia magna, and other non-model organisms.

Project Manager: Jens Thaulow

Last updated 29.04.2016