Work package 2

Spatial and temporal trends of Hg in freshwater lakes.

This work package is led by Hans Fredrik Braaten, and aims to explain spatial patterns and temporal trends in fish Hg concentrations using climatic, physical and chemical drivers. We will investigate drivers of temporal trends in Hg in fish in Sweden and Norway, and spatial variations in those temporal trends. We will collect data on catchment characteristics, fish and water chemistry across three gradients in Sweden and Norway and gridded downscaled weather data.

The work package consists of the following specific tasks:

  • Collection of field and supplementary data from selected lakes in different Scandinavian regions;
  • Document and explain spatial patterns of fish Hg concentrations in relation to physio-chemical lake characteristics and climatic variables
  • Data analysis of temporal fish Hg concentration trends along different climatic gradients.
Last updated 07.12.2017