Funded by: The Norwegian Research Council
Project Coordinator: NIVA, Anders Ruus

COCO, Effects of changes in discharges, climate and other factors on coastal contaminants and their biological consequences, was a NRC-funded project (2014-2016), lead by NIVA.


The goal of the project was to increase our understanding of the flow of contaminants from the source of pollution to different parts of the environment (the water, the sea floor, and organisms), and how contaminants affect natural populations (e.g., fish). Both the flow of contaminants and its effects on organisms may be affected by factors such as precipitation, river flow and sea temperature. The project, which also includes the University of Oslo, Oregon State University and the Institute of Marine Research, is based on analysis of long-term data of contamination as well as climatic variables. Within NIVA, the project's researchers come from both the Section for Environmental Pollution and the Section for Marine Biogeochemistry and Oceanography.

Last updated 15.11.2016