• Funded by: EU
  • Project Coordinator: IFREMER
  • NIVA Leader: Pierre Jaccard

CMEMS is one of the six services of Copernicus (formerly GMES), Europe's "eyes on the earth's environment". Within CMEMS NIVA is a part of the In Situ Thematic Assembly Centre (INSTAC). INSTAC collects, integrates and quality-checks in-situ data (data measured in the ocean) from Argo buoys, moorings, ferryboxes etc. The data are put on the web for easier access by the scientific community (and indeed everyone else). NIVA leads a task group (consisting of SYKE, Finland and ACRI, France in addition to NIVA) whose task is to define how biogeochemical data (e.g., data on biological production and carbon cycling) shall be delivered (e.g., which units to use) and outline a procedure for quality-control of such data. The collection of such data is of vital importance to the Copernicus programme. For instance, in order to convert measurements of ocean colour, measured from satellite, into phytoplankton, one needs data from the ocean in order to correct for other factors affecting ocean colour, e.g. particles and colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) discharged from rivers.

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Last updated 07.12.2017