Funded by Framcentre MIKON flagship program.

The project aims to estimate the effects of a potential sea urchin harvesting industry in Northern Norway. The effects of urchin harvesting on ecosystem, kelp recovery and related ecosystem services. The project develops an integrated management strategy for sustainable development of  urchin industry in Norway and will provide management advice to regional authorities and communities.

The project address the following work packages

WP1: Map current spatial-temporal distribution of sea urchin and kelp forest in Northern countries Nordland and Finmark; and,
WP2: Estimate impacts of urchin harvesting on marine ecosystem and habitats and economic-ecological rational harvesting; and,
WP3: Estimate impacts of urchin harvesting on local communities. The impacts include direct benefits of harvesting to local economy and indirect benefits from  ecosystem services due to recovery of kelp forests.

Last updated 07.12.2017