This poster illustrates an overview of the project EXPECT. It was   intended to promote the project and actions within it, targeting the   scientific community attending the SETAC Europe 32nd Annual   Meeting (15-19 May 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark), PRIMO 21   (22-25 May 2022, Gothemburg, Sweden), and the 9th Norwegian   Environmental Toxicology Symposium (08-10 June 2022, Tromsø,   Norway).

 Presenters were the researchers Samantha Martins (SETAC) and   Knut Erik Tollefsen (NETS), and by the PhD candidate Charlie   Vagg (PRIMO).







 This poster depicts the proposed strategy for the development of   a PBTK model for Arctic fish species within the project EXPECT.   It was presented by the PhD candidate Greg Langlois, at PRIMO   21 (22-25 May 2022, Gothenburg, Sweden).