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The primary goal of our project is to develop a physiologically based toxicokinetic (PBTK) model in halibut. PBTK models allow the prediction of the concentration and internal distribution of chemicals in various organisms. During my PhD, I will take the model developed for halibut and explore how it can be applied and optimised in other marine fish species to develop more precise species-specific PBTK models.

Greg Langlois
PhD candidate
Clemson University, US


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During my Postdoc, I will develop and use mathematical/ statistical models for integrated data analysis. I will be involved in the development of a Source to Outcome Predictor and establishing Next Generation Risk Assessments (NGRA) tools in the project EXPECT.

Barkha Tiwari



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The goal of my project is to support the development of a screening platform for microalgae and verifications of AOPs/qAOPs for Arctic relevant pollutants. During my Mphil, I will carry out microalgae assays which involve identifying the photo-physiology endpoints and the effects of specific pollutants on Arctic species. I will perform small scale in vivo and in vitro approaches that are suitable proxy’s for large scale Arctic eco-toxicity testing of single pollutants.

Robin Kaur
Mphil candidate
Newcastle University