EXPECT is a strong research consortium composed of NIVA, which will provide experimental and computational tools in NIVA's Computational Toxicology Program (NCTP), competence and knowledge on effect assessment, modern laboratory facilities, GLP accredited laboratories, and a wide range of in silico, in vitro and small-scale in vivo endpoint analysis; SINTEF, which will provide high competence on aquaculture, oil and gas and effect assessment using the crustacean genus Calanus; Akvaplan-niva, which dispose of competence on occurrence and effects of pollutants in the Arctic and on chemicals used in petroleum and aquaculture; Newcastle University, which will provide high throughput algae photo-physiology and biochemistry, with capacity for training in legacy waste management and chemical analysis; and Clemson University, which will bring  knowledge and experience in species extrapolations and Toxicokinetic-Toxicodynamic (TKTD) predictions.

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