WP2: Multi-Actor platforms and case studies

The aim of this work package is to actively use and further develop the Multi-Actor Platforms (MAP) approach with actors at primarily case study level and to some extent at regional and national levels as a base for executing the FAIRWAY project.

Frode Sundnes at NIVA is the WP leader, Cors van Der Brink at Royal Haskoning DHV is WP co-lead.

Core work package tasks:

  • Set up a harmonized management and communication structure of the 13 case study sites and their MAPs, to ensure a timely delivery of inputs by the 13 case studies to the different WPs in a uniform way.
    • A report has been produced compiling the engagement plans for each case study. The report is not public.
  • Facilitate and support the execution of MAPs processes to ensure maximum number of successful execution and deployment in the WPs.
    • A workshop on how to establish and nurture MAPs for constructive engagement in water – agriculture conflict related issues was organized during the early phases of the project. Later, this task has involved interaction and follow up with each case study leader.
  • Revise and upgrade of Water Safety Plans in several case studies with actively use of
    • A report presentingLessons Learned and Recommendations for Water Safety Plans has been produced. The report will become public.
  • Further refine and develop approaches for establishing and nurturing well-functioning MAPs concerned with conflicts between drinking/freshwater interests and those represented by the agricultural sector
    • A report on advancing MAPs as vehicles for reduced conflict on drinking water pollution from agricultural sector has been produced. The report will become public.
There are 13 case studies in the Fairway project.


Last updated 21.04.2021