Fishtreat™ - An Ecological Aquaculture Therapy System

R&D and Commercialization Opportunity for a system, method and device for disease and parasite management in aquaculture.


Conventional medicinal treatment of sea lice requires the use of vast quantities of active ingredients plus solubilizing agents annually. These can be administered in short term bath treatments (e.g. 30 min) to 7 days in-feed treatment. Both result in environmental concentrations which can contaminate sensitive nearby ecosystems. There is a high risk of residual chemical having an impact on non-target marine life in the vicinity of fish farms.

A solution

Fishtreat™ is a system for treating fish over an extended period thereby reducing the risk from dangerously high concentrations of therapeutic agents while maintaining the total therapeutic dose (area under curve, AuC). The Fishtreat™ system uses a passive dosing device with much lower effective amount of active ingredient and solubilizing agent, combined to yield a higher success rate, e.g., elimination of lice. There is a much lower risk for effects to non-target organisms and commercial species in the vicinity of treatment. In short, a much more effective, sustainable and economical treatment regime.

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Research manager Adam Lillicrap,
Research Manager Malcolm Reid,

Fishtreat™- an invention by Adam Lillicrap, Malcolm Reid and Katherine Langford
Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

Last updated 15.06.2020