• Funded by: EU-FP7
  • Project Coordinator: RBINS
  • NIVA Leader: Kai Sørensen

The goal of the HIGHROC (HIGH spatial and temporal Resolution Ocean Colour) project (2014-2017) is to carry out the research and development necessary for the next generation coastal water products and services from ocean colour space-borne data by giving an order of magnitude improvement in both temporal and spatial resolution. Kai Sørensen, Marit Norli and Anna Birgitta Ledang are involved from NIVA, leading the WP5 on in situ validation. Fieldwork and intercalibration workshops between the project partners have been carried out.

Improved satellite products will open up new application areas for remote sensing, such as the assessment/monitoring of environmental impacts from dredging and offshore construction. Additionally such products will strengthen existing applications, such as the assessment and monitoring of water quality in the context of the European Union Water Framework and Marine Strategy Framework Directives.

Visit the project webpage at www.highroc.eu.

Last updated 07.12.2017