Modelling MPs fate and transport (WP3)

Work at SLU (Sweden), Windsor University (Canada) and NIVA (Norway) has focused on model development. We are working on INCA-Microplastics, a catchment-based, hydrologically driven model of sediments and microplastic transport. This is the first of its kind.

Necessary input data including GIS layers describing land coverage and flow and water quality observations for model calibration have been obtained from the Spanish partner and Canadian partner. The hydrological components of the model have been setup and calibrated against streamflow observations from three sites in the catchment. In 2019, the MP transport routines will be calibrated as soon as data are available from WP1.

Similarly at Windsor University, the MP transport model was set up to run simulation for the Beaverton and Orillia sites in Canada. Tests are being conducted on model’s optimal spatial complexity within each basin.  

Last updated 23.04.2019