Media attention and reach

Pilot study for plastic and biomedical waste management during the Covid-19 pandemic in Delhi and Surat. Findings from the report were released during a webinar on ‘The informal sector, plastic and biomedical waste – perspectives and trends during Covid-19’. 

Waste recyclers badly hit by COVID-19 pandemic’ (3rd December 2020)

‘Surat tackles Covid waste best: Study’ (3rd December 2020)

‘A Sustainable Development Agenda: Plastic and Biomedical Waste Post COVID-19. TerraGreen Magazine, Cover story, February 2021: TerraGreen Online Magazine (

‘Dette søppelfjellet skal vekk’ (NRK Urix 13th July 2020)

‘The Norwegian Development Program to Combat Marine Litter and Microplastics’ (Norwegian Government 10th July 2020)

Last updated 15.02.2021