Long-Term Ecosystem Research (LTER)

LTER Norway is a network for Norwegian research and monitoring sites engaged in long-term, site-based ecological research. The network is open to all stations that fulfil the basic requirements set up by LTER Norway and its mother organisation LTER Europe.


Long-Term Ecosystem Research (LTER) is an essential component of world-wide efforts to better understand ecosystems. This comprises their structure, functions, and long-term response to environmental, societal and economic drivers. LTER contributes to the knowledge base informing policy and to the development of management options in response to the Grand Challenges under Global Change.

Since its launch in 2003, LTER-Europe has sought to better integrate traditional natural sciences and holistic ecosystem research approaches that include studies of the human component.

LTER-Europe was heavily involved in developing the concept of Long-Term Socio-Ecological Research (LTSER). As a result, LTER-Europe now comprises not only LTER sites but also larger LTSER platforms, where long-term interdisciplinary research is encouraged.

eLTER ESFRI Preparatory Phase project (eLTER PPP)

LTER Norway will participate in the eLTER ESFRI Preparatory Phase project (eLTER PPP) through EU financial support for national network activities towards the eLTER PPP for 2020.

Since eLTER now has entered the European Roadmap for Research Infrastructure (ESFRI), this gives the opportunity to apply for national ESFRI funding from the Research Council (so-called preparatory funding).

Read more about eLTER RI.

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