Case study sites

See also Results for more information from the case study sites. 

Two people in boat on river removing seaweed.
Removal of Juncus bulbosus in Otra, June 2019. (Photo: NIVA)
Lake with algae
Elodea nuttallii and filamentous green algae reach the water surface in Lake Kemnade, July 2020 (Photo: S. Hilt)
River Spree with dense macrophyte stands of Sagittaria sagittifolia and Potamogeton perfoliatus (Photo: S. Hilt).
Ludwigia Grand-Lieu river overgrown by plants
Grand-Lieu lake invaded by Ludwigia species in July 2019 (Photo: Gabrielle Thiebaut).
Hartbeespoort Dam
Eichhornia crassipes invasion on Hartbeespoort Dam near Pretoria, South Africa. (Photo: Julie Coetzee).
Dense U. arrecta in Guaraguaçu River (Photo: Andre A. Padial).


Last updated 15.11.2022