Mapping marine resource conflicts across sub-Saharan Africa: patterns, drivers and solutions for coastal communities (MARICA)

MARICA carries out the first systematic, multi-scale assessment of spatial patterns and drivers of marine resource conflicts across sub-Saharan Africa and in 3 focal case studies in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. 

People on a beach collecting fish in a large pile.


(NFR, 287442)

A novel map of marine resource conflicts across sub-Saharan Africa will be developed, to enable us to analyze where conflicts are most prevalent, what drives them, and how they have changed over time.

By identifying conflict hotspots and potential places of greater risk for marine resource conflicts, we will determine which environmental, social, or demographic factors are related to conflict occurrence across sub-Saharan Africa and at a case study scale. 

An evidence-based roadmap linking conflicts to successful management tools and policy intervention will be created. A combination of expert and household surveys will help determine which management tools have been successful and how context may influence their effectiveness. 

Last updated 04.01.2021