Project partners


NIVA is a Research Institute with focus on environmental issues related to freshwater and marine environments. NIVA is Norway’s leading research institute for the aquatic environment, with access to state-of-the-art facilities in Oslo and unique large-scale facilities to perform micro and mesocosm experiments at the Oslo fjord (Solbergstrand facility). 

Dr. Tânia Gomes (Project leader, WP2 leader) is a Key Researcher with extensive expertise in ecotoxicology and marine pollution, specializing on (nano)toxicology, biomarker research and development, and environmental monitoring. Recently, she has focused her research towards the impact of different sized MPs in the aquatic ecosystem.

Dr. Maria T. Hultman (WP3 Co-leader) is a European registered toxicologist (ERT) and Researcher in ecotoxicology with expertise in in vitro and in vivo toxicity testing of both fresh and marine water organisms, with emphasis on compounds with endocrine disruptive modes of action.

Dr. Inger Lise Bråte (WP3 Co-leader) is a Researcher involved in several projects on the presence and effects of microplastics in the marine environment, with special focus on fish and bivalve species.

Dr. Karina Petersen (WP4 Co-leader) is a ERT and an Ecotoxicologist with expertise in bioassay testing, combined toxicity assessment, environmental risk assessment, and cumulative risk assessment.

Dr. Ailbhe Macken (WP4 Co-leader) is a Research Manager in Oceanography, with extensive expertise on marine biological effects monitoring, the application of effects directed analysis and toxicity identification evaluation, development, use of in vivo and in vitro bioassays, nano and regulatory ecotoxicology.

Dr. Amy Lusher (WP5 Leader) is a Research scientist recognized internationally for her research regarding the distribution, interaction and effects of microplastics in the marine environment.

Dr. Anastasia Georgantzopoulou is a ERT and an Research scientist with a broad expertise in environmental toxicology studying the effects and interaction of anthropogenic substances and (nano)particles with marine and freshwater species and use of in vitro approaches for hazard identification and the elucidation of contaminants` mechanisms of action.

Dr. Steven Brooks is a Senior researcher with extensive expertise in the investigation of the effects of environmental contaminants on aquatic organisms such as the bioavailability of chemicals to marine organisms and the development and application of biomarker tools for marine and coastal monitoring programs.

Dr. Ian Allan is a Senior researcher with expertise in the fate and distribution and (bio)availability of organic contaminants in the aquatic environment, as well as extensive knowledge on the interaction of contaminants and polymeric materials.

Prof. Bert van Bavel is an internationally acclaimed analytical chemist and expert on QA/QC with extensive experience in analyses of priority and emerging pollutants. He has been leading UNEPs capacity building program for the Stockholm convention and part of the EU project Clean Sea to develop technology to measure MPs in the aquatic environment.

SINTEF ocean

SINTEF is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia and is committed to creating value through knowledge generation, research and innovation, and to bring technological solutions into practical use.

Dr. Andy Booth (WP1 Leader) is a Senior research scientist with a background in environmental analytical chemistry. His research has focused on the transport, fate and effects of chemical pollutants, nanomaterials and microplastic particles.

Dr. Lisbet Sørensen is a Senior research scientist within the field of analytical chemistry and environmental fate studies, developing strong competences in degradation studies, experimental design and analytical method development.

Dr. Julia Farkas is an Ecotoxicologist with a research focus on the transport, fate and effects of particulate matter, including micro- and nanosized particles and their interaction with other pollutants in aquatic ecosystems.

Dr. Bjørn Henrik Hansen is a Senior researcher focusing on molecular to fitness-level effects of organic pollutants on marine zooplankton and fish.

uni queensland

The University of Queensland will be represented by the Queensland Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences (QAEHS), which is committed to establishing and maintaining multidisciplinary research expertise across a range of environmental health sciences.

Prof. Kevin Thomas is an Environmental health scientist with a particular interest in understanding the environmental fate, behaviour, effects and risks associated with contaminants of emerging concern. He provides advice to the Norwegian and Queensland Governments on MP and is currently a member of the Queensland Governments Plastic Pollution Reduction Plan Technical Working Group and the direct of QAEHS.

vrije uni

In the Dept. of Environment and Health at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, ca. 45 staff include analytical chemists and ecotoxicologists and has a fully equipped state-of-the-art MPs analysis laboratory.

Dr. Heather Leslie is a leading expert in international MPs research with an interest in studying how plastics and industrial chemicals can impact our ecosystems, health and society and what can be done about it. She led the EU FP7 CLEANSEA project, has authored scientific reports on MPs and chemical additives for the UN, GESAMP, G7, EU, ESA, JPI Oceans, ministries, research institutes and industrial sectors. She will contribute to WP3. 

uni plymouth

The University of Plymouth is a leading UK university, which hosts the ‘International Marine Litter Research Unit’ in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. In 2014, 85% of UoP’s UoA7 submissions were classified as world leading or internationally excellent; UoP was in the top 10 for research power, and their impact case study on ‘the discovery of MP’ was graded 4*.

Richard Thompson is a Professor in Marine Biology at UoP, leading the International Marine Litter Research Unit. He is internationally recognized for his research on MPs and has acted as an advisor for the UN, OECD, G7, the US state department, the EU and various UK agencies including DEFRA.

Last updated 19.02.2021