Work packages

Figure 2 – Schematic overview of the project structure and individual WPs.


WP 1 – Plastics and additives characterization

WP1 aims to prepare and characterize MP reference materials and their additive chemical content, and to develop methods to prepare leached MPs and aqueous leachates for application in effects studies.


WP 2 – Ecotoxicological effects

WP2 aims to evaluate the potential long-term effects of fragmented MPs and isolated leachates following exposure in marine organisms across different trophic levels and with different feeding strategies.


WP 3 – Toxicokinetics and trophic transfer

WP3 aims to characterize and quantify the uptake, bioaccumulation and biomagnification of relevant fragmented MPs and isolated leachates in marine organisms from different trophic levels.


WP 4 – Hazard and risk assessment

WP4 aims to Identify which of the test systems can be further developed and suggested as a new guideline for effect assessment of MPs in a regulatory context and explore potential approaches for risk assessment of both MPs and associated additives.


WP 5 – Media relations and dissemination

WP5 aims to ensure that the scientific outcomes produced in MicroLEACH are communicated to a broad range of stakeholders (e.g. scientific community, regulatory authorities, industry and general public).

Last updated 19.02.2021